Top 5 of 2013 – Hits

Top 5 of 2013 - An Annual Blog Series

I have seen lots of these posts this week started by Gillian at crafting a rainbow.

Firstly I needed to do some counting to check I had completed enough projects to take part but pleased to say I have.

5. Kiwi Christmas dress


Yes it is only just finished but I think this will be a versatile dress.  It is a perfect length for work so hopefully with a cardi it will get regular use.

4. New cushions


I see these every day and I love them.  They lift the dark grey colour of the sofas and they link well with other red tones in the room.  Also I enjoy the fact that I didn’t need to buy any new cushions just recycle some old pillows and it meant I could make them the perfect size for the sofa.

3. Star print sorbetto

Colette Sorbetto2

Such a fun print I often wear this to work with a white vest underneath and a white cardigan.  It is lovely to get compliments at work and the children at school were astonished that I made it myself!

2. Black print sorbetto


Again great for work even better as I wear it with a black cardi (much easier to keep clean!).   This fabric has a very silky feel and would well for a night out with smart jeans or a black skirt.

1. Blue Hazel

Me n Isla2















I wore this lots in the summer.  It is great for a summer’s day teamed with a short denim jacket or add some heels for the evening.


Charlotte and sewing again

Sewing came to a halt with a new school year but in the October holidays I managed to get back in it.  The charlotte skirt pattern by Hand London was a great pattern to get back me into sewing.  It fits perfectly and the instructions were so simple to follow.


I needed to cut a few inches off the length and maybe need a little more just to make it easier to move in.  I’m not used to pencil skirts but I love the shape they create. I now need to think of what tops to wear with it I’m guessing some fine knits or a plain sorbetto top might work.

The next project is another sorbetto in a black floral print which I cut out last night.  I’ve setup a sewing area in the dining room to make it easier to sew in the evenings and still be around for the puppy!

Hopefully there will be another finished project to share soon.

Sewing sorbettos

After seeing so many versions of the Colette Sorbetto top online I was eager to try it myself.  A free pattern that only needs a metre of fabric what’s not to like?


Colette Sorbetto1a


Colette Sorbetto1


It was pretty simple to put together but I am hopeless at making bias tape.  On both tops it was third time lucky.  I just couldn’t seem to follow the instructions.

The first one I made in a flowery blue print was way shorter than I’d normally wear so when I started on the second top I added 2 inches to the bottom.

Colette Sorbetto 2a

Colette Sorbetto2                 Red print

The red fabric is lovely and light but so slippery.  I’ve never sewn with anything except cotton so cutting out was a bit tricky!

I did some searching online and found that paper between the fabric could stop it slithering about and it worked a treat.

Summer sewing

Hazel in white print

Hazel in white print

My third dress is complete!  A summer sewing has been great fun.  I have 3 dresses I love thanks to Colette patterns. These two dresses are Hazel dresses.  A simple, strappy, summer dress that is easy to dress up with heels or down with a denim jacket.

Fabric: Vintage Feather Green bought from Guthrie & Ghani

Hazel in blue flower print

Hazel in blue flower print

Fabric:  Flora Cotton – Blue bought from Fabric Godmother

Peony in pink

Peony in pink

I struggled more with Peony dress it might be because it was my first dress but I found it difficult to get the fit right.  The belt though I love and would use for other dresses.

Fabric: Klona Cotton (Rose) and Vine and Leaf (Lilac) bought from Backstitch  

Sewing firsts:

  • Invisible zips
  • Easing in sleeves
  • Gathering stitches