New doors

WP_20131015_017 WP_20131015_015

Love the doors not convinced about the varnish though.
Initially we’d planned to paint the two doors (kitchen & living room) white to match the skirtings and window frames but now with the oak flooring the doors look great as they are. The varnish we tried is medium oak and seems to add a yellow tone to the door. I think it might be back to B&Q for something lighter or just clear.

It is great to get more light into all the rooms during the day but also in the evening the light glows through the frosted panels.

What do you think of the colour?



New flooring

WP_20131008_004We’re taking up the old carpet and putting down an engineered wood floor. So stage 1: Clear the rooms.Image

Stage 2: Carpet up, doors and skirtings off.



Stage 3: Put new stuff down. Thanks to joiners Gus and Kevin this was done in a day.


Wouldn’t it be nice?


Say bye bye red carpet and hello to wooden floors.

The holidays are here and so the next project has started.   This is the biggest change we’ve made to the house as we’ve taking up the carpet in the hall, living and dining room.

There is lots to do aside from the flooring there will be new skirting boards and doors.  Needless to say we’ll be getting some help on the joinery front!  For now our job is to remove all the furniture so we can get the carpet out and be ready to start flooring next week.


Rip it up!

New sofas, new cushions



Yay! We have sofas.  They arrived on Thursday and alone have made a huge change to the room.

I can’t wait to see it complete with new flooring in October.  This weekend I made 4 cushions to soften the dark colour of the sofas.



I used a plain beige and a woven print beige and red fabric to bring the room together by tying in with the curtains and the stool.  I used the old cushion pads and some pillows to get the right size.  All the rectangular cushion pads in the shops we too small for what I wanted.  I went for 24″ by 14″. I’ve got lots of zip practice with 4 cushions so definitely getting more confident with them.



One year on

Well this post is a little late as we got the keys on 5th August last year. It was a whirlwind summer we got married on 7th July then we only had a week following our honeymoon to pack up and move. Then we had a week before school started.

This year has been fantastic. We love this house and whilst it takes some much time and work to decorate I wouldn’t change it. We’re slowly working our way through the house. So here’s where we are one year on.

First off through the front door there is the hall. It is still waiting for an update and definitely needs more storage!

Then the hallway leads into the living room.


Living room we’ve done walls but looking forward to getting the new flooring and sofas in place.


Dining room is looking a lot smarter with painted walls and new blind.


Kitchen with new flooring, dishwasher and red accessories to add some colour.


I love the long window above the sink.

Then upstairs first off the yellow bathroom.



Then the guestroom (also home to all my crafting stuff and Donald’s guitars!)

I setup the guitars and records cover frames as a present for Donald’s birthday so I couldn’t resist putting a birthday message in the frames.

100_2017 100_2016

100_2018 100_2019

Finally Donald’s office (formerly my craft room).  Donald is working at home regularly now so we’re very grateful for all the storage space in this Ikea desk.

100_2049 100_2050