Maternity Sewing part 1 – Pina dress

It’s taken me a while to getting around to these posts.  I made 3 maternity dresses in June and July and have had lots of wear out of all 3. I’m now 38 weeks pregnant and all still fit though it’s definitely the Pina dresses that are getting most wear as I can wear them with tights or leggings (much needed in the chillier weather).

ISLA - WIN_20141021_093627The Pina dress is a Megan Nielsen pattern and so easy to follow even with pregnancy brain!  Using elastic was tricky to get used to but otherwise the dress was easy to put together. In the picture I’m wearing a black vest underneath as the neckline is quite low but I’m planning to add a rectangular insert that will allow for easy feeding.

ISLA - WIN_20141021_093609


Well, it’s been a while!

I’ve had quite a break from blogging but I’m back and with big news. Big, baby news! I’m 22 weeks pregnant and keeping well.

It is finally the summer holidays so I’m looking forward a bit more time for everything including getting back into sewing. There will also be a lot happening at the house as we try to get ready for baby.

We have 2 major projects planned and thankfully for me it is all out of my hands this time. I’ll be taking a break staying with my parents while firstly the garage is rebuilt and a garden office created for Donald and then our bathroom gets a much needed refresh. So there should be lots of updates to come over the summer.