One beautiful baby has arrived at number one

We’re  delighted to announce the arrival of our baby girl Rona Beth. She arrived a day before her due date on 4th November weighing 6lb 6oz. Rona is 12 weeks old today and how the time has flown. It has been a truly wonderful couple of months, emotional, tiring but amazing.

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Things I’m sure I’ll forget

  1. How tiny she was.. I could sit out on my knee with room to spare.
  2. The love hormones which carried me through the first weeks.
  3. The uncertainty I felt when first feeding and asking every midwife to check she was latched on.
  4. The day my milk came in and realising nothing fitted. Plus anything that nearly did was soaked.
  5. The journey from being unable to feed in front of anyone and dashing upstairs every time we had visitors to a month later feeding in shops, cafes and on the move at home.
  6. Her first smiles…especially when she wakes up and sees you.
  7. Bringing her home, she looked so fragile in her car seat.
  8. Introducing our dog Eva to her on day 3 and the comical moment when Eva realised she was real when she started gurgling. Proper question face, head to the side, big eyes, what is that?
  9. All the first trips that felt like mighty expeditions…walking the dog, getting to a shop.
  10. Feeling so nervous at the first bath time I was so sure she’d slip.
  11. Everyone loves to visit a baby! Our house was never busier.
  12. She needed first size clothes and even some of them were too big.
  13. That changing does change. Rona used to cry throughout and now she gurgles and coos.
  14. Swaddling for us lasted about a fortnight. I couldn’t wrap like they did at hospital and she is one wriggly baby.
  15. Doing everything possible to stay awake for all the night feeds. I went through countless cereal bars, bags of fruit and nuts, books and box sets in those first few weeks.
  16. Seeing my husband become a doting dad and my parents melt on meeting their granddaughter.
  17. Going to register her, that first bit where she is official and getting mail addressed to her.
  18. Constantly turning to check on her in the night and nearly waking her up because she seemed ‘too still’.
  19. Each night for about a week talking about the birth asking each other questions and just trying to remember everything.
  20. How quickly Rona has grown. 12 weeks in and we have a drawer of suits and vests that are too small.

Well, it’s been a while!

I’ve had quite a break from blogging but I’m back and with big news. Big, baby news! I’m 22 weeks pregnant and keeping well.

It is finally the summer holidays so I’m looking forward a bit more time for everything including getting back into sewing. There will also be a lot happening at the house as we try to get ready for baby.

We have 2 major projects planned and thankfully for me it is all out of my hands this time. I’ll be taking a break staying with my parents while firstly the garage is rebuilt and a garden office created for Donald and then our bathroom gets a much needed refresh. So there should be lots of updates to come over the summer.