Wouldn’t it be nice?


Say bye bye red carpet and hello to wooden floors.

The holidays are here and so the next project has started.   This is the biggest change we’ve made to the house as we’ve taking up the carpet in the hall, living and dining room.

There is lots to do aside from the flooring there will be new skirting boards and doors.  Needless to say we’ll be getting some help on the joinery front!  For now our job is to remove all the furniture so we can get the carpet out and be ready to start flooring next week.


Rip it up!


Are paint pads like Marmite (you either love them or hate them)?


We started to paint today which I was delighted about as it means the wallpaper stripping was finally finished.  The excitement was short lived though.  We tried a paint pad as I’d heard that it made a smooth texture and covered evenly.  Hmmm….not on these walls.  Then we resorted to the trusty roller but the coverage is still not great.  So is ir the pad, the paint or worst of all the wall (i.e. even more prep needed?)