Sewing sorbettos

After seeing so many versions of the Colette Sorbetto top online I was eager to try it myself.  A free pattern that only needs a metre of fabric what’s not to like?


Colette Sorbetto1a


Colette Sorbetto1


It was pretty simple to put together but I am hopeless at making bias tape.  On both tops it was third time lucky.  I just couldn’t seem to follow the instructions.

The first one I made in a flowery blue print was way shorter than I’d normally wear so when I started on the second top I added 2 inches to the bottom.

Colette Sorbetto 2a

Colette Sorbetto2                 Red print

The red fabric is lovely and light but so slippery.  I’ve never sewn with anything except cotton so cutting out was a bit tricky!

I did some searching online and found that paper between the fabric could stop it slithering about and it worked a treat.