Decisions, decisions

So dining room decorating is underway and it’s got me thinking of the overall look of the living/ dining room.  The red carpet and old sofas have served us well and saved us hassle of moving in more furniture but their time is up.  We’re thinking about engineered flooring and two new sofas but struggling to make up our minds what to get.

Option 1 –  Irvine sofa from Made (see here)

Option 2 – Reynolds sofa from M&S (see here)

Option 3 – Harris sofa from Made (see here)


Option 4: Genoa from Oakridge Direct (see here)

UPDATE July 18th: We’ve now ordered two Genoa 3 seater sofas in slate.  The plan is to have the sofas face to face with the coffee table in the middle with the fire at one end of the room and TV at the other. 

As for the other options we loved the retro look of the Harris but they only had one left in stock.  The Irvine was the very top of our budget and with blue we would have to change the colours of the curtains.  The Reynolds was a favourite of mine but Donald was not so keen on the shape of it.  So the Genoa was the best compromise plus it’s made in the UK.  It should be delivered within 4 weeks and then the living room can really begin to take shape.