Dining Room – First look


100_1908  100_1910


Dining Room progress

Blank canvas stage

picture002 picture003

  • Strip the dreaded woodchip 4 full bin bags and as many days work but the wallpaper is gone.
  • Fill and sand any holes
  • Paint the ceiling
  • Paint the walls to match the living room
  • Sort out the archway hopefully taking away the curved edges Thanks Jerry!
  • Re-cover the dining room chairs
  • Add a blind
  • Find some storage solution for all those books!

Living Room progress (in time for Christmas)!

ImageFirst things first, the wallpaper is stripped.  Thankfully we are getting quicker at this though the ceilings are still causing a bit of drama.

ImageThen to start the painting.  We went for grey as it would go nicely with the red carpet and curtains.  We’re tackling one thing at a time so the carpet will be updated but not for a while!


Finally, sewing up some new cushion covers brightens up the room.  All ready for Christmas and the tree.


What lies beneath

Little house

Today we began our biggest project, so far, wallpaper stripping. Everybody who has visited has shared their stories of stripping wallpaper and it is fair to say we’re a little apprehensive.  So we decided to start small in my craft room. However under the first strip of wallpaper lay quite a surprise first a little bit of painting and as we continued lots of drawings and doodles including this little house.  I’m guessing the family before allowed their sons to draw on the walls before it was papered or maybe a treat for helping getting the paper up!