Roman Blind

After reading instructions for creating a roman blind I was losing hope that I could make one successfully for our large windows.  At 2 metres 36 cm wide it seemed simply too large and I read lots of warnings that said a blind over 6ft would simply be too heavy to be supported.  Searching again I found Craft Interrupted’s post using mini-blinds (vinyl) and I thought the mechanism is all designed to support the weight of the blind it’s got to be worth a try!

The post is very clear with many step by step photographs so, with the tablet perched on my sewing table, I began.  Preparing the fabric was easy and the hint to use posterboard or thick paper in the side seams worked a treat.  Next you need dismantle the blind which I did happily.  Then several slats (in this case 4) are marked out, rethreaded and glued into position on the fabric.  Finally the bottom bar is reattached and fabric glued to the top mechanism.

With fingers crossed we screwed the blind back in place and glued the fabric to top bar and it works!  It adds a lovely soft light to the room and fits the window perfectly.