Top 5 of 2013 – Hits

Top 5 of 2013 - An Annual Blog Series

I have seen lots of these posts this week started by Gillian at crafting a rainbow.

Firstly I needed to do some counting to check I had completed enough projects to take part but pleased to say I have.

5. Kiwi Christmas dress


Yes it is only just finished but I think this will be a versatile dress.  It is a perfect length for work so hopefully with a cardi it will get regular use.

4. New cushions


I see these every day and I love them.  They lift the dark grey colour of the sofas and they link well with other red tones in the room.  Also I enjoy the fact that I didn’t need to buy any new cushions just recycle some old pillows and it meant I could make them the perfect size for the sofa.

3. Star print sorbetto

Colette Sorbetto2

Such a fun print I often wear this to work with a white vest underneath and a white cardigan.  It is lovely to get compliments at work and the children at school were astonished that I made it myself!

2. Black print sorbetto


Again great for work even better as I wear it with a black cardi (much easier to keep clean!).   This fabric has a very silky feel and would well for a night out with smart jeans or a black skirt.

1. Blue Hazel

Me n Isla2















I wore this lots in the summer.  It is great for a summer’s day teamed with a short denim jacket or add some heels for the evening.


Summer sewing

Hazel in white print

Hazel in white print

My third dress is complete!  A summer sewing has been great fun.  I have 3 dresses I love thanks to Colette patterns. These two dresses are Hazel dresses.  A simple, strappy, summer dress that is easy to dress up with heels or down with a denim jacket.

Fabric: Vintage Feather Green bought from Guthrie & Ghani

Hazel in blue flower print

Hazel in blue flower print

Fabric:  Flora Cotton – Blue bought from Fabric Godmother

Peony in pink

Peony in pink

I struggled more with Peony dress it might be because it was my first dress but I found it difficult to get the fit right.  The belt though I love and would use for other dresses.

Fabric: Klona Cotton (Rose) and Vine and Leaf (Lilac) bought from Backstitch  

Sewing firsts:

  • Invisible zips
  • Easing in sleeves
  • Gathering stitches