One beautiful baby has arrived at number one

We’re  delighted to announce the arrival of our baby girl Rona Beth. She arrived a day before her due date on 4th November weighing 6lb 6oz. Rona is 12 weeks old today and how the time has flown. It has been a truly wonderful couple of months, emotional, tiring but amazing.

WP_20141104_005 WP_20150116_002

Things I’m sure I’ll forget

  1. How tiny she was.. I could sit out on my knee with room to spare.
  2. The love hormones which carried me through the first weeks.
  3. The uncertainty I felt when first feeding and asking every midwife to check she was latched on.
  4. The day my milk came in and realising nothing fitted. Plus anything that nearly did was soaked.
  5. The journey from being unable to feed in front of anyone and dashing upstairs every time we had visitors to a month later feeding in shops, cafes and on the move at home.
  6. Her first smiles…especially when she wakes up and sees you.
  7. Bringing her home, she looked so fragile in her car seat.
  8. Introducing our dog Eva to her on day 3 and the comical moment when Eva realised she was real when she started gurgling. Proper question face, head to the side, big eyes, what is that?
  9. All the first trips that felt like mighty expeditions…walking the dog, getting to a shop.
  10. Feeling so nervous at the first bath time I was so sure she’d slip.
  11. Everyone loves to visit a baby! Our house was never busier.
  12. She needed first size clothes and even some of them were too big.
  13. That changing does change. Rona used to cry throughout and now she gurgles and coos.
  14. Swaddling for us lasted about a fortnight. I couldn’t wrap like they did at hospital and she is one wriggly baby.
  15. Doing everything possible to stay awake for all the night feeds. I went through countless cereal bars, bags of fruit and nuts, books and box sets in those first few weeks.
  16. Seeing my husband become a doting dad and my parents melt on meeting their granddaughter.
  17. Going to register her, that first bit where she is official and getting mail addressed to her.
  18. Constantly turning to check on her in the night and nearly waking her up because she seemed ‘too still’.
  19. Each night for about a week talking about the birth asking each other questions and just trying to remember everything.
  20. How quickly Rona has grown. 12 weeks in and we have a drawer of suits and vests that are too small.

Maternity Sewing part 1 – Pina dress

It’s taken me a while to getting around to these posts.  I made 3 maternity dresses in June and July and have had lots of wear out of all 3. I’m now 38 weeks pregnant and all still fit though it’s definitely the Pina dresses that are getting most wear as I can wear them with tights or leggings (much needed in the chillier weather).

ISLA - WIN_20141021_093627The Pina dress is a Megan Nielsen pattern and so easy to follow even with pregnancy brain!  Using elastic was tricky to get used to but otherwise the dress was easy to put together. In the picture I’m wearing a black vest underneath as the neckline is quite low but I’m planning to add a rectangular insert that will allow for easy feeding.

ISLA - WIN_20141021_093609

Bathroom reveal

At last the bathroom is complete!  Donald has worked really hard on the painting and decorating over the last couple of weeks.  Fitting it all in to evenings and weekends has been a bit of a trial but so worth it now we see the finished result.  I’ve helped where I can, mostly cleaning and providing meals, but at 34 weeks pregnant now what I can do to help is a bit limited.

Today began with a final snagging list – hang the blind, clean the tiles, apply silicone, finish the window sill and hang fittings like toilet roll holder and soap dish.  I’m pleased to say it is all done and now properly clean too for the first time in weeks.

We love the wall colour and the mirror which we’ve had for years finally has a proper home.

WP_20140928_001 WP_20140928_002 WP_20140928_007

Beginnings of a new bathroom

For one small bathroom I’ve been taken aback by how much work it takes to update it.  A week ago the joiners begun by putting up new plasterboard and creating some storage (yay, at last!) at the end of the bath and under the sink.  This week Jerry has worked incredibly hard on the tiling, all the tiles are now up and grouted round the bath with Mum’s help.  Thank you both so much!  Today we’re getting the bath re-enamelled so it should look shiny and new again.  Then we can begin preparing and decorating the walls. So here is the progress in pictures:


Monday and Tuesday

Wednesday and Thursday

P.S. Any colour help for the walls would be much appreciated, we’re thinking a light aqua green so the grey tiles don’t seem too dark but struggling to make a decision!

Garage progress

Day 6 and the door is painted to match the sliding doors, the facings are fixed on the roof edge and the interior of the office is fitted with insulation.