Charlotte and sewing again

Sewing came to a halt with a new school year but in the October holidays I managed to get back in it.  The charlotte skirt pattern by Hand London was a great pattern to get back me into sewing.  It fits perfectly and the instructions were so simple to follow.


I needed to cut a few inches off the length and maybe need a little more just to make it easier to move in.  I’m not used to pencil skirts but I love the shape they create. I now need to think of what tops to wear with it I’m guessing some fine knits or a plain sorbetto top might work.

The next project is another sorbetto in a black floral print which I cut out last night.  I’ve setup a sewing area in the dining room to make it easier to sew in the evenings and still be around for the puppy!

Hopefully there will be another finished project to share soon.


4 thoughts on “Charlotte and sewing again

    • Just jump in I’d say! There are some gorgeous patterns out there. I started with a Colette pattern and they’re so easy to follow with extra video tutorials online for any new techniques. It’s so nice to receive a compliment and be able to say, “Thanks, I made it!”

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