Friday Feeling

On Friday the final part of the wardrobe was completed – doors on and surround nailed in place.

Jerry and Donald hang the doors

Four doors in place and ready for the surround

Four doors in place and ready for the surround





Next steps…wardrobe


Progress so far (Thursday)

Jerry builds the frame

Jerry builds the frame

With the walls done by Tuesday it was time to begin on the main project building the wardrobe and over to my step dad Jerry. I’ve been helping where I can and asking lots of questions so I know what to do for further projects. Firstly we made a wooden frame for the plasterboard exterior of the wardrobe.

Fitting this was a little bit challenging with neither the walls or the floor being even.  With the plasterboard in place it was time for more filling and sanding.


Donald helps out after work

Next, on Wednesday, Jerry built the middle section with shelves and baskets for storage. Then this was attached and wood screwed in either side to support a large shelf above and the two hanging rails.

Jerry fitting the frame for the doors.

Jerry fitting the frame for the doors.

Finally we built a frame for the doors to be fitted on to and put in place. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll fit the doors and add the finishing surround.

Blue Sky Bedroom


Another holiday and another project, continuing the war against woodchip, we have started work on the bedroom. With everything decamped to the spare room last week I started wallpaper stripping and filling.  The ceiling was approached with hesitation at the weekend. We tried two new things which worked quite well. Firstly we scored with a craft knife and stripped the paper in sections working as a team. Then after filling any big cracks we used flexible ceiling paint (from Wickes) which is thick enough to fill small cracks but can still be applied with a roller. Result a much smoother look with a lot less stress than skimming!

We’d nearly forgotten the colour of blue we’d chosen for the bedroom about 9 months ago in a half price offer. It is a lovely, calm blue that changes with the light.

After painting we got the bed back into place and it was crying out for some decoration.  So far I’ve painted the birch photo frame that sat above the bed white to match the bed.  However I’m planning to also add fabric covered panels into the recesses in the headboard to add interest.  Plan is to use this Ikea fabric but I was tempted to use a green to try and match with the carpet.